01 Create cards

  • Press SHIFT+ENTER to divide the card into multiple sides.
  • To hide hide words, select them first, then click on C in the toolbar or press CTRL+..
  • Format text using the toolbar or shortcuts.
  • Add images by dragging them onto the the card, or paste the image url.

02 Add the card to your deck

  • Your decks contain the cards and tags that you have created.
  • Before adding the card, make sure you have selected the correct deck.
  • You can also assign tags to your cards.
  • Each deck has its own unique tags.

03 Review your card

  • To reveal your card when reviewing, click on the hidden items or press SPACE to increment your progress.

04 Come back tomorrow

  • The cards that are due tomorrow will show up the next day.
  • Make sure to review your scheduled cards every day!